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How to Budget For Your Next Used Car Purchase

Saving up for your next used car purchase can be difficult, especially if your budget is already stretched thin, but this should be no cause for panic, as experienced and professional used car dealers…more

5 Questions to Ask Your Used Car Dealer

Used car dealers have a bad reputation. They’ve been depicted in many stories as dubious places where the owner uses all sorts of tricks to sucker clients into buying poor quality cars. In fact,…more

8-Point Buying Checklist: Used Cars & Trucks

Buying a used car can be a catch-22 situation. On the one hand, you have prices so low that they make you salivate and jump for joy at the thought of the savings you’ll…more

5 Financial Reasons to Buy a Used Car

So you’re ready to make the next step and finally purchase that car you’ve always wanted. While, sure, there might be something special in the purchase of a brand, spanking new car, but in…more

100% Guaranteed Financing… is it true?

Making a big purchase such as a pre owned car can be incredibly exciting. However, getting approved for a loan can steal some of that excitement away and replace it with worry if you’ve…more

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